MuseScore files

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Nikolaus Hold
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MuseScore files

Post by Nikolaus Hold »

Yesterday I uploaded the "Musikalische Exequien" of Heinrich Schütz. Unfortunately there was no entry for the music notation software MuseScore, so I had to use "Other, Unknown" (I used the form "Add works").

Since version 2 MuseScore is a very good music notation software and should be added to your list of possible entries. You may argue about MusicXML, but in my opinion that's still more a dream and unreliable. Just last month, I tried to transfer a piece from MuseScore to Lilypond by MusicXML to see whether the print looks better. But the result in polyphonic lines was a disaster - useless.

If you accept my proposal, I would be happy if you could change my "Other, Unknown" in the page ... h%C3%BCtz) too, because I'm still not familiar with the wiki format.
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Re: MuseScore files

Post by Claude_T »

Sorry for the belated welcome to CPDL and this answer. Thank you for your contributions, Nikolaus.
I added the ZIP icon to your file (which contains your three MuseScore source files zipped in one file).
I agree that MuseScore is an excellent and free music notation software and I've put a link to it just beside.
If XML doesn't ever give perfect results when converting from a software to another, it is less incomplete than MIDI
and is, for now, the best way to use your files for rehearsal (one voice louder among other, transposition for a specific choir, and so on) for anyone using an other software than MuseScore.
And I checked the result after importing the MXL files to Finale 2014.5. They look (and sound) more than correct.
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