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Greetings to you all! My name is Clay Barnard, and I'm a music composition student in the Midwest. My primary instruments are piano and voice, so I tend to do a lot of vocal works, so when I found CPDL, naturally I couldn't resist signing up.

Just a little bit about me: I've been writing for over six years now and have played piano for 15+ years. At this point in time (and assuming I've counted correctly), I've written over 125 original pieces and over 60 arrangements. Within those originals include a musical, a madrigal, and 5 short films. The arrangements span several genres, but certainly one of the highlights for me are the arrangements I've done for vocal quintet (SATBB). I do all of my "concert hall" work in Finale 2011, and all of my "informal" stuff through FL Studio 12.

Feel free to ask me anything! For now, I'll be heading over to the composers section of this place, and starting a little something over there.
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Re: Hello!

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Hello Clay, welcome to CPDL!

It would be nice to have some of your vocal works on our site. All it takes is to create a composer page for yourself and start submitting your works from there, using the "Add new work" tab located at the top of the page. If you have any doubt just let us know, and I or one of the other volunteers will do our best to help you.

Kind regards,
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