Duplicate page to delete or redirect

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Duplicate page to delete or redirect

Post by christopherjhoh »

My upload of an additional edition of Behold That Star by Thomas Talley resulted in a duplicate page. I have now put all the relevant info (I think correctly) onto the page entitled Behold That Star. The other page, which has most of the info but not all is Behold that star (lacking upper case letters). Ideally, the latter page would be deleted or have a redirect. I could not set it up to redirect, however, because the page to redirect to had already been named. I'm hoping a super user will be able to clean this up. Thanks,

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Re: Duplicate page to delete or redirect

Post by carlos »

Hello Christopher! Thank you for providing a new edition of this work by Talley.

At CPDL we follow the rule that if the title of a work is taken from its incipit, it is capitalized as normal text. For this reason, the page kept was "Behold that star". The info added by you to the other page were copied to it.

Kind regards,
Carlos (talk)
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