Looking for "liturgy music" but not sure what it is properly called

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Looking for "liturgy music" but not sure what it is properly called

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Hi everyone,

I'm working to start a more liturgical service at my church. I attend the Calgary Anglican Cathedral most Sundays and the Rector sings a lot of the service. I'm looking for examples and sheet music that I can use in the same way at my other church.

I realize that most of my problem is that I don't really know what this type of music is called (I was raised Fundamentalist, so this sort of things is new to me). But it usually involves singing almost all of a sentence on one note, then a few up/down notes for the last syllable. It's not Anglican Psalm Chant, which is great, but not what I need.

Basically, I have long passages of text I want to sing and I'm looking for recommendations. Ideally they must be singable solo, but if there are choral ornamentation, that would be excellent.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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Re: Looking for "liturgy music" but not sure what it is properly called

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If you know snippets of the text you would like to use, then you might want to enter some of the text in the search box on CPDL to find settings that use that text.

Checking the categories at the bottom of the page will help you learn what types of categories and subcategories match.

You can also try the Multi-Category Search function at:
http://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Chor ... ory_Search

You'll want to specify the voicing and accompaniment and language type you want. Select Sacred as your category. I'm not sure which of the optional subcategories of Sacred would work for you, but the approach above of checking some example texts should help if others here don't have ideas for you, or you can leave the subcategories of Sacred blank to see what songs come up.

Best wishes on your search!
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Re: Looking for "liturgy music" but not sure what it is properly called

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You might do well to visit the MusicaSacra Forum of the Church Music Association of America (CMAA) which, although mainly connected with Catholic liturgical and sacred music, nonetheless has a significant Anglican following and participation.
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