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Automating composer pages

Post by BarryJ »

I have organized several composer pages chronologically, by publication dates. In order to automate this, I have attempted to compose a template ( ... den%20page) called WorkDateList. It's my first attempt at writing DPL, so there probably are silly errors. I would very much appreciate if someone could check this and tell me if it can be made to work. And if this is even a good idea. Thanks! I also have a couple comments:
1. Why does CompCatTxt, used on ''<<composer>> composition'' pages, list the whole pagename (including the composer in parenthesis), rather than just the work title? The result is that the composer name is repeated hundreds of times needleslessly. If only title were listed, it would save a lot of space.
2. I would think having a series of pages for work publication dates would be helpful, such as "1753 works" -- certainly more helpful to me than the "<<date>> deaths" or "<<date>> births" pages. Perhaps there are other ways of doing this?
Thanks for listening.
Barry Johnston
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Re: Automating composer pages

Post by carlos »

Hi Barry!

1) Regarding CompCatTxt, it just produces a standard text to be displayed at the top of category pages:
This category provides a list of <composer name> works on CPDL, sorted alphabetically by title of the works pages.
It's not this template that generates the listing of works; they are provided by the categorization system of the MediaWiki software. Unfortunately category listings are not customizable, they just present the whole page title as it is, and so, there's no way to hide the composer name from the entries.

2) It's quite simple to implement such a feature. All it takes is the creation of a new template {{Published}} to be used inside the works pages. But a lot of new categories in the form "Category: YYYY works" would have to be created by hand...

PS: I haven't had time to analyze your template yet. If I come up with suggestions, I'll post them on your talk page.
Carlos (talk)
CPDL Administration
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