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Contacting editors

Post by Grabyrdy »

Hello. I need to ask a question of an editor about his source. He has not given any contact details on his page. Is there a way to leave a message for him?
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Re: Contacting editors

Post by choralia »

Grabyrdy wrote:Is there a way to leave a message for him?
You can leave a message on his talk page, and he may receive a notification then. Alternatively (or maybe better) you can use the function "Email this user" that is available when you open a user's talk page, and is located under the "tools" menu on the left side.

If you get no reply, please let us know what's the editor's name: maybe his email address is outdated so he receives no notifications, however he may be reachable through other channels (e.g., private message through the forums if he is also a user of these forums, IMSLP if he is an IMSLP user, etc.).

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