Search engine not allowed in my school district

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Search engine not allowed in my school district

Post by bw00ds »

While I can open the Wiki and browse for composers and titles, I cannot do a search on my school district computer because, according to my district:
This website uses a search engine that is not one of the industry-rated “safe search” engines so is blocked at this time due to security concerns. Until the site chooses to change to one of the industry rated safe search engines it cannot be used.
Maybe not others have this problem, but what search engine does CPDL use and what is the possibility of using a "safe search" engine?

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Re: Search engine not allowed in my school district

Post by choralia »

ChoralWiki is based on the MediaWiki software, which is the same used by many other wiki websites, such as Wikipedia or IMSLP. Search tools use the MediaWiki software itself and some MediaWiki extensions. I guess that the only "strange" search tool is the Multi-Site Search, which is a specific php script that I wrote to search, in parallel, both the CPDL and the IMSLP websites, and that is anyway based on the MediaWiki API.

So, it's quite strange that searches are blocked. If I correctly rember, no other similar cases have been reported so far. Which specific search function is blocked? If you use the same function on Wikipedia or IMSLP, does it work?

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