João Rodrigues Esteves (ca.1700-ca.1755)

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Leo Renier
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João Rodrigues Esteves (ca.1700-ca.1755)

Post by Leo Renier »

Sir, Madam,
I would like to post the "Missa a oito voces" (double choir) by Esteves.
I encoded the Gloria already using Sibelius 5.

I am 70, am a grateful user of Choralwiki, and would like to make my contribution in return. But I lack the technical knowledge to follow your instructions.
I can send you the copy of the Gloria, so that you can do post the work. Somewhere I read in your manual, that in extremis, you are willing to post the choral work. This encouraged me to address this request to you.
Once that I know that the work can enter, I promise that I will continue with the other parts as well.
Very little is known about Esteves, except that he composed the is Mass while being (working) in Rome, where he had arrivedin October 1719. He probably died in the earthquake which destroyed Lisbon in 1755.

A recording of this Mass is made by Currende, Erik Van Nevel conducting, in August 1990 for ACCENT ACC 9069D.

I am founder of the International Bamboo Organ Festival of Las Piñas, Manila, Philippines. Your library is of enormous help for us, organizing a yearly event without having a good library available. I can compare with the first years (we started in 1976), how we had to look for music scores. For 2014, we focus on the villancicos: thanks to all the contributors!!

Hoping for a positive reply.

Leo Renier
Bamboo Organ,
Las Piñas City, M.Manila
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Re: João Rodrigues Esteves (ca.1700-ca.1755)

Post by vaarky »

Thank you for your kind words and interest in contributing your scores to CPDL. For each score you wish to contribute, here are the steps needed:

1. Upload the file or files for the score (e.g. PDF and Sibelius file) if you are able to do this yourself (it would help tremendously if you are able to):

1a: If you are not able to upload the file directly, then you can e-mail the score to -- but it is much much better if you can upload direct as indicated in item 1.

2. Fill out this form:

If you encounter any problems with this aspect, the best thing to do is post a reply here in this forum, and we will try to help. Please describe the nature of any problem you encountered and whether you are running Mac or PC computer.

3. Once you complete item 1 or 1a, and also item 2, then the next step is to edit the CPDL site. Volunteers will eventually go through to match forms submitted with the files that have been uploaded. Volunteers time is scarce (we need more volunteers to help with this), but we expect that it will get done eventually. You do not need to write to ask for assistance with this step #3, since checking for this for scores that have gone through steps 1 (or 1a) and 2 is on our list of things to do.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to reply here with any further questions or if you run into any complications.
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