after almost a decade, it's time to come to the surface

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compline jefe
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after almost a decade, it's time to come to the surface

Post by compline jefe »

First time on the BB. What a great site! It has gotten better and better over the years. I have downloaded a lot of tunes from here to re-arrange for our Compline Choir. The problem is there is very little in modern notation for ATBarB choir, so almost nothing that works without reworking down a 2nd, 3rd or 4th. I have over 80 tunes that I've arranged and many that I've composed (mostly Anglican style harmonized Psalms) appropriate to Compline that I'd like to download on here.....until I read the directions tonight. Hmmm.....code, huh? It's tough enough just to keep up with .sib 6 writing music with no meter, no bar lines, and no stems.
Our Quire chants a monthly Compline in the style of St. Marks Seattle Compline Choir:
I'm retired after 38 yrs. as bass trombonist of the LA Phil, playing hundreds of Hollywood movie soundtracks, and as a professor of music at Long Beach State University.
This is an interesting bunch of folks on here. Mucha gente interesante esta aqui.
see you down the hot and dusty road.
regards, as always, jefe
running the Compline Choir is like driving the team on a Medieval hangover.
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Re: after almost a decade, it's time to come to the surface

Post by CHGiffen »

Welcome jefe, and thanks for you kind words about CPDL. I wish there were more works available for Compline choirs, too ... we'll have to work to remedy that situation (I've already sent you a PM here and just posted a low-voice edition of the Crecquillon Vidit Jacob scalam - more to come). :)

Bass trombonists who sing (and vice-versa) are more thank ok in my book, too. :D

I hope we might find you a resource - just as you have found CPDL a resource. It's good having you here!
Charles H. Giffen
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Early Choral Music? Zephyrus (I sang 12 seasons 1992-2004 with this group).
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