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Welcome to the CPDL Forums - New Users please read

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Welcome to the Choral Public Domain Library forums. If you have an interest in choral and vocal music, whether from the Medieval, Renaissance, Classical or Romantic periods or by modern composers, we encourage your participation and look forward to hearing your ideas. Discussion of music that appears in editions on the main CPDL site (or which you think ought to be there!) is especially welcome.

Just a few rules pertaining to membership of these forums:

Needless to say, users who register solely with the aim of placing links to other (i.e. non-musical) commercial sites, or those hosting obscene or otherwise offensive material, will be deleted immediately. Those who, in addition, post messages containing links to such sites will have their IP addresses banned. These forums are monitored regularly by administrators in time-zones from Australia to the US, so offensive or commercial material is guaranteed to be removed within a few hours.

That's the tough talking out of the way; now back to the spirit of the first paragraph: welcome, enjoy, good to have you here.

Dave Fraser, site admin.