Publication showing up in sorted works

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Publication showing up in sorted works

Post by GeoffG »

Hi I am new to this wiki and still learning about the inter-relations between templates, etc.

I created two publication pages for Giovanni Ferretti. After getting them looking alright and linking existing works pages to them, I returned to the Composer's page to find that the publication pages I had created are now showing up in his list of works(!). I tried adding the Category: Music publications as well as making sure not to use the Composer template on the publication pages, but nothing has changed.

What am I missing?

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Re: Publication showing up in sorted works

Post by Claude_T »

Hi Geoffrey,
You did it all well. Thanks for your contributions to CPDL.
Composition titles are added automatically on the composer's page, not the publication titles.
I guess you found that after this post, because both publications are now mentioned.
Kind Regards,
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