Can I use CPDL tracks in Youtube videos?

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Can I use CPDL tracks in Youtube videos?

Post by AlexLowery »

I need some copyright free tracks for my youtube channel

Can you suggest some tracks or playlists for me?
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Re: Can I use CPDL tracks in Youtube videos?

Post by vaarky »

I'm replying belatedly. Not sure what type of tracks or playlists you're looking for, but I'll try to address generally.

Generally, CPDL sound files do not have human voices, but rather use computer renderings of human voices which may not be as appealing as human voices. If a CPDL contributor has posted MIDI tracks, you can check the style of license (e.g. if the edition uses the CPDL license, or depending on which type of Creative Commons licenses) to see if it allows such use. Check the specific edition's license terms; if such use is permitted, check also for that license's requirements about how to provide credit in your video as required regarding the track you are using. Hope this helps.
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