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Re: PDF previews on composition page

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D-fished wrote:what about a system like they have at IMSLP, where a preview image is about the size of a postage stamp but enlarges when you scroll over it?
This looks perfectly doable (with a little help from site administrators to make changes to Common.css), thank you for mentioning it. I will have to think about it some more and do some mockups. Maybe then we can address your second point (clutter from lots of previews).
D-fished wrote:a lot of my editions have title pages. I presume the preview would show only that, so a potential downloader would be none the wiser.
I was thinking that the preview should always show the first page of the actual score, and I think we can do that. First I'll be taking care of this manually, by regenerating previews that show title pages, and later I hope to train an automatic classifier to do that work for me.
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