Link or upload?

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Monika Feinen
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Link or upload?

Post by Monika Feinen »

In the Score Submission Guide is told:
It is very much preferred that contributors upload their editions of public domain works to the CPDL server rather than hosting them externally. This is to avoid broken links in the future. However, files on external sites are still welcome on CPDL. If your score files are already stored on an external server, skip this step.

I have some scores uploaded to IMSLP already, but for me it is no effort to upload it to CPDL as well. What do you really prefer in such a case? Host the scores at your own server, too, or just link to the external server?

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Re: Link or upload?

Post by choralia »

We definitely prefer to have a local copy, to ensure that it remains available in the case the external server disappears, or it changes its internal structure, etc. .

Additionally, we welcome MIDI, MusicXML, and/or source files (e.g., Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore, etc.) that are most useful to adapt pieces to alternative voicings, to transpose, to learn by ear, etc., and these formats are much more popular on CPDL that on IMSLP. So, if you have the opportunity to also upload these additional files (I noticed you made many typesets of works by Andreas Raselius edited using MuseScore), they are very welcome here.

I'm also an administrator at IMSLP, so my opinion is not biased in favo(u)r of CPDL :D

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