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Re: Music reader equivalent? /scanning sheet music

Post by choralia »

All optical music recognition programs known to me (SharpEye, Photoscore, ScanScore, Omer, PdfToMusic, ...) run under Windows and/or Mac OS. No Linux/Ubuntu. I guess you should try to use Wine.

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Re: Music reader equivalent? /scanning sheet music

Post by Dim4ksan »

I use ScanScore
It's a good program
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Re: Music reader equivalent? /scanning sheet music

Post by OlesyaKostyuk »

I just took a peek on shap eye and even though most of the scanned score been detected correctly, it's a drag to correct the few wrong things. I had tried a SATB brass piece arranged in a two sytem treble and bass score. Sometimes only one note was missing in a bar. But I didn't find an easy way to add it, if no rest had been provided. So I deleted the whole bar and typed in all the entries from scratch. In the end I had invested more time and the result had been a worse sheet compared with completely manual entry. But maybe I'm only missing some cue for the problem mentioned above.
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