Problems with composer's page

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Problems with composer's page

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I have just began to use ChoralWIki as a contributor and as a composer myself. I uploaded two works, my own "Missa brevis" and my arrangement of "Abide with me", by W.H. Monk.

I have several problems:
1. I don't know how and where must I fill the composers page in order to write a brief biography and other data.
2. I don't know how to upload the PDF of my work, instead of giving a link to the work hosted in IMSLP, as I had to do. If I can upload the PDF I have in my computer, it should be better for the user, since it contains both the general score and the vocal parts in the same file.
3. The work "Abide with me" I uploaded under the title "new editions", but is is now located in the wrong place of Monk's works, since it should be in the arrangements place. How can I change?

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Re: Problems with composer's page

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Your request, also sent via email to the "add score team", was privately answered by an admin.

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