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Post by patrickelvin »

I am a new contributor although I have used this brilliant site to download on many occasions

I think I have made two contributions * i have| recieved emails to that effect but I dont know how to post them which is what the email says to do next and the site says you are encouraged to do so . And I would like to


My files are encore , I am not sure if they are therefore pdf or do have to scan them back into my computer as a pdf

sorry.... a bit of a computer muppet

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Re: posting

Post by choralia »

Hi Patrick, welcome to CPDL as a contributor, and thank you for helping the community to achieve the target of "Project 1500".

The score sumbission guide at ... sion_guide provides step-by-step instructions for score submission. In practice, you'll have to paste the wiki code fragments automatically sent to you via email into a couple of pages of the website. One fragment should be pasted into the composer page (both composers are listed already, so the text should be added into the "List of choral works" section); the other fragment should go into the work page (one work page exists already; the non-existing one will be shown as a red link on the composer page, and clicking the red link will allow you to create the new page and paste the wiki code into it).

Normally, you should always submit a work in pdf format. Source formats such as Encore are optional. It is not necessary for you to print the score and then scan it to create the pdf: virtual pdf printer drivers exist, which act as a printer, but they produce a pdf file as an output. You print the score from Encore to the virtual pdf printer, and the pdf file is created. I regularly use CutePDF Writer (, it works fine and it's free. There are probably few things to correct also: capitalisation of titles, "Morales" vs. "de Morales", etc. . If this is too complicated for you, no problem: send an email to addscore (at), and your email will be automatically distributed to the CPDL add score team. We will be happy to provide calrifications, or to complete the submission process on your behalf.

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Re: posting

Post by vaarky »

Thanks for the excellent summary, Max. I just wanted to add that, while source formats such as Encore are optional, we encourage providing those in addition to the PDF. Thanks for contributing your scores!
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