Need biographical info on Ernest Charles

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Need biographical info on Ernest Charles

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I am searching for bio info on Ernest Charles and if possible something about his song When I Have Sung My Songs to You .... have searched the college library, internet, New Groves Dictionaries (3 different ones), and so far all I've been able to find is his birth place, and to-from dates!! Can anyone help? It's hard to believe he's so obscure!!
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Re: Need biographical info on Ernest Charles

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A musicologist friend replied as follows, in case it helps.
Never heard of him! If the quester has already looked at Grove, I'm
not sure I can come up with anything more without hard core research.
A quick Google search comes up with this: (hardly much, but a tiny
seems to reference something called "All Music Guide" and a writer
named Lynn Vought. If he/she wants to see if finding Lynn Vought is
easier than finding out about Ernest Charles, I'm sure LV could point
him/her in the right direction.

Also there are some recordings available for purchase (amazon, cd
baby, etc). My suggestions would be - depending of course how much
this person REALLY wants the bio:

1) buy some of the recordings and see if the liner notes have anything
2) go back to the college library and search in the RILM database for
"Ernest Charles" - if any recent articles have been written on the
guy, they should come up (recent being several decades, actually).
if he/she doesn't know how to access that database, a librarian should
be able to help
3) go talk to the reference librarian at the college music library and
see if he/she can help
4) try to track down Lynn Vought and ask for help
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