A new category "odes to music"?

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A new category "odes to music"?

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Is it worth having a new category for works which extol the virtues of music? Examples may be found in the compositions of Schubert, Purcell, Tomkins, Bateson, Handel and Lassus to name only the best known composers.

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Re: A new category "odes to music"?

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Re: A new category "odes to music"?

Post by BarryJ »

I think a new category would be appropriate, perhaps generalized to Category:Music about music – not all such are Odes. And you are right, Richard, this would not be a genre or subgenre; this is a cross-genre concept. See for example Music, when soft voices die (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry).

I created a new category, Music about music. Feel free to add this category to whatever work pages you find appropriate.
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Re: A new category "odes to music"?

Post by cjshawcj »

I agree that Bateson and Daniel Purcell are well-known, but who, pray, are the others?

I think that this category is really not necessary, and will fall into immediate desuetude - like that classifying pieces by mode.

If a new category is being opened, I would nominate a dustbin labelled plainly "Songs", to describe those items which are not Art songs, Arias, Consort or Lute songs, Folksongs or Partsongs. I am currently uploadinging C18th orchestral accompanied song which is neither pointy-headed enough to be labelled Art nor sophisticated enough to be labelled Aria (think English theatrical/pleasure garden songs e.g. Beggar's Opera excerpts)
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