keyboard for sectional rehearsals

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keyboard for sectional rehearsals

Post by bruce.simonson »

Hi Folks,

So, when I need to break my chorus into sectional rehearsals, I often have rooms available, but no pianos. Or, as a friend calls them, not even a POS (piano shaped object).

I've been toying with the idea of getting some very inexpensive "roll-up" pianos (some seem to be available for under $100) which appear to be extremely portable. If they work for "note-plunking", maybe they're the ticket?

Anyone have suggestions or experience on this sort of thing? I'm really looking to buy a couple of these, so breaking into sectionals will be painless. But they do have to have sound that is tolerable, a keyboard that is playable (perhaps even with velocity sensitivity), and really portable and storable (these will probably end up in a closet at my house). Basically, something effortless to transport and set up, and reliable and useful for sectionals?

Suggestions? Doesn't have to be a roll-up, as long as mobility is painless, and storage not a big deal.

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Re: keyboard for sectional rehearsals

Post by Cdalitz »

What do you think about reconsidering your habit of practizing with a piano? Practizing with a piano is not only bad for intonation and musicality, it also costs more time: if you instead demonstrate how a section should be sung, you save a lot of time removing the bad habits of imitating the hammering sound heard from the piano.

What are your reasons for using a piano during rehearsal?
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