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O lux beata Trinitas - Mendelssohn - typo ?.

Posted: 17 May 2019 12:33
by ebykm
The latin text for Mendelssohn is "te nostra duplex gloria per cuncta laudet saecula". However the page for O lux beata Trinitas have "Te nostra supplex gloria Per cuncta laudet sæcula".

The imslp score for Mendelssohn 121 have the word duplex

Is this a typo on Mendelssohn score ?. i feel the word "duplex" is bit odd.

Thanks, ... ndelssohn)

Re: O lux beata Trinitas - Mendelssohn - typo ?.

Posted: 17 May 2019 21:30
by choralia
In the Wikipedia page for Mendelssohn's vespers (onlly available in German): ... ndelssohn)

they remark that Mendelssohn applied multiple text variations, supposedly intentional:
From Psalm 119, verse 132, a Variant form of the Latin text has been adopted:


The book of Daniel contains the eighteenth verse of the ninth chapter, but the word "desolationem" has been changed to "tribulationem":


The text of the hymn comes from a hymn collection attributed to Ambrose of Milan (Hymn XI). Again, there was a small change, replacing the word "supplex" with "duplex":

I agree that the "double Gloria" seems a little bit odd. However, if it was intentional, I guess that it should be retained in the score. I think it's correct that the general text page contains the normal text instead.


Re: O lux beata Trinitas - Mendelssohn - typo ?.

Posted: 18 May 2019 18:29
by ebykm
Thanks Max,

Any thoughts on using supplex and desolationem when performing O lux beata Trinitas section alone ?. and use the text as is when performing OP121.