SATB song in latin with a descant

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SATB song in latin with a descant

Post by Reelru »

Hello, I am new here, so I hope this is in the right place.
I'm looking for a song in Latin with a descant, preferably SATB but SAB works as well. Splits are fine. I would prefer it to be relatively easy, it's for a choir of non-auditioned high school students.
I've looked everywhere but it's very hard to find songs with that specific criteria. This site brought me closer, but I didn't see an option to search for a descant. I appreciate all of the help!
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Re: SATB song in latin with a descant

Post by choralia »

I'd suggest trying the Multi-Category Search, selecting "Descants" (it's a sub-category of Sacred music - click on the "+" sign to open the subcategory list) and "SATB" (a sub-category of 4-part choral music). This query returns 73 results. Adding "works in Latin" as a condition restricts the results to three only. You may also select neighbouring voicing sub-categories (e.g., SSATB) if you can accept some "divisi". SAB returns one result only.

If you don't select any voicings, the "Descants" sub-category includes 83 works overall (so, only 10 more than SATB), 12 in Latin.

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