Good Websites with MusicXML-files?

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Good Websites with MusicXML-files?

Post by lycalp »


I am searching good Websites with MusicXML-files available for downloading with new Songs (Charts-Songs for youth choir etc.) for payment or for free.

These files should include the lyrics of the Songs...

Who could tell me some good Websites?

Thank you for your answer and best wishes!
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Re: Good Websites with MusicXML-files?

Post by vaarky »

Sorry I don't know of any sites.

You could try's own search function to search on musicXML: ... arch&go=Go

The scores are free and most have lyrics, but you would still need to evaluate the results to determine if they are appropriate for children's choir and otherwise what you are looking for (e.g. accompanied vs. a cappella etc.).

Best wishes on your search...
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Re: Good Websites with MusicXML-files?

Post by Claude_T »

Recently, a count/list of works having at least one MusicXML file was created. It's here: ... -sable/XML
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Re: Good Websites with MusicXML-files?

Post by aamann »

You may check Scores posted there can be downloaded as XML.
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