Pages in category counts wrong

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Pages in category counts wrong

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Here's an example of the problem:

Go here (it's the "Category:Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina compositions" page). It (correctly) informs the user that "The following 200 pages are in the current category." But, now on that page, click on (next 200). It incorrectly informs the user that "The following 21 pages are in this category, out of 132 total."

This happens with the "Pages in category" counts for other categories, as well.

This may be related to a problem with the magic word PAGESINCATEGORY. Go to User:CHGiffen to see examples of this ... both {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Sheet music}} and {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Composers}} give totally ridiculous results (which caused me to abort an easy way to count pages in a category and instead resort to using a DPL trick).

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