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Unsavoury characters nobble publication pages.

Posted: 01 Jul 2020 18:16
by cjshawcj
I'm not sure whether the ae/oe ligature is to blame, or the &.
I attempted to use these today, together, in the creation of a publication page. The page was initially accepted, but subsequently proved impossible to link to. The problem was resolved (i.e. linkability restored) when both characters were removed from the title.
Which character is non grata, and why is the initial page creation accepted without error message?

Re: Characters in publication titles

Posted: 02 Jul 2020 12:04
by BarryJ
Ligatures usually don't cause problems, though there have been discussions about whether they should be used.
A list of characters that cause trouble in publication titles can be found at this page – this page currently under construction. Most characters are allowed, but some still cause trouble, especially "&", "/", "#", and "@", because these have special meaning in programming (DPL-Dynamic Page Lists, and Regular Expressions in php). It's a good idea to avoid these for other reasons, too – "/" is overused and ambivalent, for example. There is currently no filter on page names for publications; maybe there should be? (Post revised 2020-07-17)