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voicing categorization

Posted: 04 Oct 2019 02:07
by Richard Mix
Template:Voicing automatically puts pages into category N-part choral music (by toting up the letters in the voicing category other than using the '''Number of voices''' field). I noticed that Template:Cat|VVVV doesn't accomplish the same: to add Tallis and Striggio arrangements to Category:11-part choral music I added both [[:Category:SSSAATTBBBB]] and [[:Category:11-part choral music]] by hand. I recall only now the existence of Template:Vcat which does both jobs.

What's a little confusing is that [[:Category:SSSAATTBBBB]] automatically contains the subcategory [[:Category:SSATBB.SATBB]] but not its contents [[Ecce beatam lucem (Alessandro Striggio)]], and [[:Category:11-part choral music]] seems to contain more subcategories than actual members, though it seems to require a lot of work to check on that and make sure.