Winnie the Pooh - an "oratorio"

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Winnie the Pooh - an "oratorio"

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Hi All
The Poohratorio is based on AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh and as such I
received permission from the estate of AA Milne to distribute my recording of it among my friends but not to publish it to a wider public. Therefore, for seven days (up to the morning of June 2nd 2007) it is available to
you, my friends, on

If you would like to have the yousendit link, please send me an email at
dws [at]

The file is 25 MB approx and the performance lasts 26 minutes (my
longest work!).

The Poohratorio is based on a whole chapter from AA Milne's "Now we
are six" and describes the "Expotition to the North Pole". It is
partly sung and partly narrated with instrumental accompaniment, with characterisations that you may find amusing (especially Eeyore). The instrumentation includes sampled crumhorn, recorders and trumpets and live classical guitar.
It was composed and performed back in 1989 - I can't believe that so
much water has carried so many poohsticks under the bridge since then LOL.

Kind regards
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