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New help page for adding music publication

Posted: 02 Jun 2016 18:05
by GerhardWeydt
Hi all,

Not finding instructions for centering a new musical publication when I looked for it, I have written the help text for adding new music publications, which is linked from the text "Add a page identifying a published collection ..." on the page "" (Max created the link and the page for me). I used the text and codings for a new composer page to be found in the "Help:Score submission guide" linked from the entry "Add composer" in the same page as model, so I hope all taggings will work correctly, and much of the text is similar to this template. The greatest difference is that I do not propose a template, but to take one of the existing pages as a model, because there are very sophisticated constructs on some pages.
Can anyone check and eventually enlarge or correct the text?