Adding 'Nunc' pdf to 'Evening Canticles' page

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Adding 'Nunc' pdf to 'Evening Canticles' page

Post by Marghek »

I have successfully completed an 'Add work' template for the Magnificat of my Evening Canticles (Cornish) submission: the CPDL number is #28968. I have also added the composer page entry. I now wish to add the Nunc dimittis pdf to the same work page. I uploaded the Nunc pdf to CPDL under the name Knight-Cornish_Nunc.pdf (44KB). I thought I could use the Add new edition facility to add the second file but it is labelled 'Not to be relied upon' and a link given to this forum section.

Alan Knight
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Re: Adding 'Nunc' pdf to 'Evening Canticles' page

Post by carlos »

Hi Alan, I believe you refer to the page ... edition%3F

Indeed some parts of that page need to be brought up-to-date. But you can go ahead in spite of it: please just complete the for the second part of your edition, and paste into the works page just the few lines in the header that contain the edition-related info.
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