Jacquet de Berchem/Jacquet de Mantua: O Jesu Christe

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Jacquet de Berchem/Jacquet de Mantua: O Jesu Christe

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A few days ago I received a new WIMA contribution, a four-part motet "O Jesu Christe" with Jacquet de Berchem as the said composer. This score would be the first in WIMA by that composer. So I checked, as usual some biographical articles, incl. that in Grove Online. The list of works (proven and spurious) does not include "O Jesu Christe". The Grove articles says that de Berchem is often confused with another composer, Jacquet de Mantua (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacquet_of_Mantua). And indeed, the Grove article on that composer does include a four-part motet "O Jesu Christe".

I asked a competent WIMA contributor to research that question further. He returned with a.o. a link to a recent Netherlands university treaty on Jacquet de Berchem, http://igitur-archive.library.uu.nl/stu ... oc23094273 According to this article the false attribution origins from an anthology, Trésor musical van Robert-Julien van Maldeghem (ed.) (Brussel 1865-1893).

On that background I recommend an update of the CPDL page for that composition, http://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/O_Je ... e_Berchem)
Christian Mondrup, Sheet Music Editor
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Re: Jacquet de Berchem/Jacquet de Mantua: O Jesu Christe

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Hi Christian

Thanks for informing this, the attribution was corrected as suggested. There was also an O vos omnes that had one edition under each name and was merged into a single page.

Carlos (talk)
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