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Multi-column page layout

Posted: 12 Oct 2020 17:30
by Nikolaus Hold
Whenever I visit, add or change pages in the CPDL, I always work on the large PC monitor. But every now and then I take a quick look at something on my cell phone. I then sometimes ask myself whether the page creators are aware that with a multi-column layout on the Android phone, the right columns sometimes appear squashed with smaller font. See e.g. attached hard copy of part of the page ... nn_Schein) from my mobile phone.

What looks nice and compact on the large monitor may look completely different on mobile devices. Therefore I advise against using {{top}} and {{mdl|x}} to create layouts with more than 2 columns.

Re: Multi-column page layout

Posted: 13 Oct 2020 19:54
by choralia
This problem seems related to mobile browsers based on Chromium, like Chrome. Mobile browsers based on Gecko, like Mozilla Firefox, display the same page fine.

Sooner or later we should adopt a MediaWiki skin specifically designed for mobile browsers, however this will likely require to change the structure of all pages.