Multiple voicings with different number of voices

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Multiple voicings with different number of voices

Post by Cdalitz »

What is the correct way to indicate different voicings of a piece?

There is the Voicings tag, but that requires a fixed number of voices. What if there are different editions that are arrangements for different numbers of voices? As a workaround, I have used two Voicings tags, but I wonder whether this is the preferred way: ... _Daletski)
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Re: Multiple voicings with different number of voices

Post by CHGiffen »

Although it is rarely used (since most are unaware of it), the Template:MultiVoicing should work better. See ... ltiVoicing for its documentation and examples of its use in various situations, including works with various numbers of voices.
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Re: Multiple voicings with different number of voices

Post by BarryJ »

Charles Giffen is right, Template:Multivoicing would work for dealing with multiple voicings in different editions, and is a much more powerful template.
On the other hand, Template:Voicing is pretty flexible, you can have up to five voicings in the second parameter, separated by commas.
So something like "{{Voicing|3-5|STB,SATB,SATTB}}<br>" displays as "Number of voices: 3-5vv Voicings: STB, SATB, or SATTB", and the work has been placed in all six categories (STB, SATB, SATTB, 3-part choral music, 4-part choral music, and 5-part choral music). This has some advantages, such as simplicity.
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Re: Multiple voicings with different number of voices

Post by Richard Mix »

I find myself objecting to the conjunction "and" and have sometimes replaced Template:Multivoicing to obtain "or". Rakastava (Jean Sibelius) is a piece that exists in 2 different versions, so "TTBB and SATB" does seem appropriate in such cases.

I still don't know exactly what the "number of voices" field does, and it doesn't appear that the descriptive "N/N+1" for masses with an added-voice Agnus is causing any disruptions. ... nformation is a page where MultiVoicing is very useful, though.
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