Errors and anomalies after update

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Errors and anomalies after update

Post by vseibt »

The main page has a notice:
A major upgrade of two important extensions of the MediaWiki software has been recently implemented. Please contact the CPDL Administrators or post a message to the CPDL Forums if you notice any errors or anomalies.

I'm no longer able to login and the page of "CPDL Contributors" contains only 500 entries (instead of 1381 yesterday; my name no longer included :( )
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Re: Errors and anomalies after update

Post by choralia »

Thank you for informing us about the problems.

The login problem is a nasty one, occurring from time to time after MediaWiki version 1.27, where session information were moved to an object cache stored in the database. The mechanism is not very reliable, and it occasionally triggers, erroneously, the protection against session hijacking. I've never found a solution for it: just wait that session information expire, and try again. It shouldn't take more than few hours. Hopefully future MediaWiki versions will incorporate a more reliable mechanism.

I've fixed the problem with the limited number of contributors listed: I forgot to increase a certain setting from 500 (default limit) to 2000. However, the page now goes timeout because the query requires too a long time to execute. I guess we will have to revise the query so that it runs faster.

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Re: Errors and anomalies after update

Post by cjshawcj »

I'm no sure whether the update is necessarily the culprit, but I have noticed a glitch occurring when posting pieces (3) by Michael Praetorius.
Michael Praetorius compositions page updates, and amendments can be made from that link (or from any other page within the system). Pieces have still not appeared at all on Michael Praetorius page, some 2 hours after posting
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Re: Errors and anomalies after update

Post by Claude_T »

Hi, Mick,
Thank you for your contributions, always of a top interest.
No, it's not something about an update but a real issue:
among 3,391 composer pages, more than 3,000 have an automatized content (through the SortWorks function)
so new works are appearing within minutes.
A bit more than a hundred are not, including Praetorius. The list: ... tSortWorks.

Please could someone understand that it will be more user-friendly to have all composer page showing the alphabetically sorted titles list??
Not any manual one that requires *someone* to add lines and sort them manually!
Not an automatized one sorted "by language-then-genre/subgenre,-then-voicings" alphabetical list that takes to much time to open!

Please, understand me, I don't want to say a sorting order is better than another, it depends on the request of the moment.

No information has to be removed. All the specific lists can be put just one click away, colorfully mentioned on top of the (main) composer page, like it has be done on many composer pages already.

And no, I don't want a "same-for-all solution", it's just that it'll ever be more user-friendly to find the same things in the same place.
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Re: Errors and anomalies after update

Post by Nikolaus Hold »

Clicking on CPDL Contributors used to bring up a sortable table. Now:
  • on www (x) A multi-column, not sortable output
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Re: Errors and anomalies after update

Post by BarryJ »

About CPDL Contributors yielding an error, this is a known problem. I have been working on it, but it might take a while.
Barry Johnston
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