Walford Davies: Surname or full name?

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Walford Davies: Surname or full name?

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I'm at long last returning to the wonderful world of CPDL, and will soon be posting a work by Walford Davies.
When I was looking for his composer page I didn't find it under D, but W. This came as something of a surprise as the Wikipedia article refers to him as Davies, and a note on the Talk: page indicates that is how he's referred to in the Grove dictionary.
My inclination is to change references on the CPDL page to reflect his name being Davies, but I thought I'd raise the matter here first.
I've also started a discussion on Talk:Henry Walford Davies
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Re: Walford Davies: Surname or full name?

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I've replied on the talk page and changed the DefaultSort to reflect Davies as the surname. I commented on the talk page how my father, William Duncan Giffen, with Duncan being his maternal grandmother's surname, was known as Duncan, not William - a similar analogy to Walford Davies.
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