Adding new composer

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Adding new composer

Post by rasmith505 »

Hi folks,

I want to create a composer page for myself, and am finding the instructions really confusing. I have never created or edited a wiki page and need some help.

I followed #'s 1-4 in the new composer section on the score submission help page, opening a new template. I also opened the page 'Template:New Composer' in a separate window. This is where I get confused. I copied the first piece of typewriter font {{subst:new composer}} and pasted it into the new template I created, replaced the text with my name, and saved. It came back as Template:Ross Anderson Smith. When I opened to edit it, I got another blank box - no relevant code, no {{#SortWorks}}, just a blank box.

Was I supposed to copy all the text on the new composer template, typwriter font stuff and everything else, and paste it into the edit box? Or do I copy each of the typewriter font bits one at a time and save after each one? Or what? The things the template says should happen didn't.

Any help much appreciated.
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Re: Adding new composer

Post by choralia »

Thank you for willing to contribute!

Templates are special pages that can be invoked within normal pages to automatically create or display recurring wiki code segments. Your composer page must be a normal page, not a template. So, you should create a normal page with your name, and then copy-and-paste the {{subst:new composer}} template inside it.

Another (maybe simpler) way to create a new composer page is described here, i.e., by entering the name of the new composer when the first score of the composer is uploaded through the "Add work" form. The system will automatically check that the composer is not present already, and will create a new composer page as needed.

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