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by earfirst
24 Jan 2014 01:12
Forum: Choral Music related commercial websites or services
Topic: Earfirst Method: DT relation, squiggle, slantnote
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Earfirst Method: DT relation, squiggle, slantnote is where I publish my Kodaly-inspired, non-Kodaly method. I delay diatonic solfege indefinitely, however, in favor of more immediately appreciable and useful fundamentals. Putting off letternames, keys and scales in favor of an intervals-and-landmarks approach, I begin with the domino-t...
by earfirst
23 Jan 2014 20:37
Forum: Musical questions
Topic: Singing and Intonation
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Re: Singing and Intonation

This highly useful discussion has reasonably moved into the huge domain of tuning temperaments. This, together with the astutely informed company here, emboldens me to ask why a "tyranny of the octave" has been uncritically assumed. Laying out the question will not require much math. It'll...