database of Choral Music by Women Composers

A place for contemporary composers and others to discuss their works and issues of composing choral music in our time
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database of Choral Music by Women Composers

Post by vaarky » 25 Feb 2019 18:21

I stumbled across this resource and wanted to share the link here. I hope people find it useful and/or can spread the word so more composers can be added.

If people know of other resources that list contemporary female composers or composers by other categorizations, please share resources here. We did a concert by only female composers some time ago, and also sometimes focus a program set by geographic region, so lists of contemporary composers can be helpful for supplementing our repertoire ideas.
Welcome to the Choral Music by Women Composers database! This
searchable, sortable database lists sample repertoire for all
voicings by women composers of all eras, and is intended to be an
ever-evolving resource for conductors interested in programming
music by women. It is not a complete catalog of any composer's
works, nor is it an endorsement of any particular composer or
composition. To submit corrections or additions, please e-mail
Eliza Rubenstein or Dr. Magen Solomon.

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