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New member in Italy

Postby steven21020 » 30 Sep 2009 11:23


I'm from the UK but work in Italy - before that, 9 years in France.

I started a website a few years ago to help an amateur string ensemble but it slowly developed into a repository of information for this area, so we decided to split the sites. They now have their own site: and the general info site is

In the links section there is quite a long list of free sheet music sites and the CPDL site has been there for ages, but I didn't realise until now that you have a forum as well.

I've been interested in free sheet music for a long time, contribute regularly to the UK ABRSM site and the forums and often get annoyed at the way that people drone on about copyright without reminding us that the vast majority of 'original' classical music is in fact completely free. To the extent that some young people are growing up believing that ALL sheet music must be bought. I see now that many people are cashing in on this ignorance and selling music that can be legally downloaded for free!

As soon as I have time, I look forward to reading through some of the posts here.


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Re: New member in Italy

Postby vaarky » 01 Oct 2009 02:09

Hi, Steve. Sympathies about people not being aware of the public domain aspects. We're lucky to have such a great body of art from the ages...

Welcome to the forums--we look forward to your participation.

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Re: New member in Italy

Postby luis henriques » 02 Oct 2009 20:14

It's really great to have CPDL.
And its even greater because there are grand quantity of people interested in early music and that make good early music editions, which, as we may know, take time.
I'm always curious to know what's new, in the main page. I have perform A LOT of cpdl editions, mainly of sacred polyphony, in my ensemble.
It's really great to have free good quality editions, which, almost every time I checked, are sometimes better than some printed editions.
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Re: New member in Italy

Postby vaarky » 04 Oct 2009 16:25

By the way, have you seen my question e-mail regarding the d'Aranda score?

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