Misspelling of Composer's name

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Misspelling of Composer's name

Post by Ian_Haslam » 25 Dec 2011 23:11

The English composer Alan Gray appears on the CPDL site as Alan Grey. Can someone in Admin correct this error as I will want to post some new editions for this composer?

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Re: Misspelling of Composer's name

Post by vaarky » 26 Dec 2011 01:03

Chuck, can you say more about this? It looks like you had been involved in favor of spelling it Grey. Aside from which one is determined to be canonical, any reason not to add a redirect so both spellings reach the composer page?

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Re: Misspelling of Composer's name

Post by CHGiffen » 26 Dec 2011 05:46

I've moved the composer page to Alan Gray. Not recalling previous discussion, I'm guessing that Peter Gibson (who supplied an edition of the F major Evening Service) got the name wrong and we simply went with it; however, the links to Gibson's scores don't seem to work, so I moved the page. At any rate, I'm certain now (even if I didn't know before) that the correct name is Alan Gray.
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Re: Misspelling of Composer's name

Post by PeterGibson » 07 Mar 2012 21:26

I have, just under 5 minutes ago, completed the uploading of files and correcting links for the Evening Service in F minor (Alan Gray) (including the composer page).
Having checked back to the Stainer & Bell edition I used as source, I can confirm the ambiguity of spelling was a foul-up on my part (sometime I must learn to read what is on the page, and not what I think is there!).


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