Rant - Who sings Pie Jesu for Christmas ?

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Rant - Who sings Pie Jesu for Christmas ?

Post by ebykm » 04 Jan 2015 11:58

I was shocked to hear 'Pie Jesu' sung by Lucy Kay on Christmas Carols on itv(24-Ded-2014), and even more when the presenter said this is one of her favourite Christmas time song !!!.

What were they thinking ?.

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Re: Rant - Who sings Pie Jesu for Christmas ?

Post by CHGiffen » 04 Jan 2015 15:56

How really weird! Perhaps "Jesu" in the title and a complete lack of understanding of the text triggered "Crhistmas" ... who knows!
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Re: Rant - Who sings Pie Jesu for Christmas ?

Post by cjshawcj » 04 Jan 2015 23:22

ebykm wrote:What were they thinking ?.
The answer is in the television channel: ITV
They are incapable of intelligent programming of classical music (hence the inclusion of an "artiste" who so capably disproves the proposition that "Britain's got talent").
I don't find the mis-categorisation of the seasonal use nearly so disquieting as the description of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's piece (if it was indeed his item) as "music".

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