Gounod Requiem in C

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Gounod Requiem in C

Post by musdirlynn » 20 Sep 2012 01:51

Does anyone have access to the Strings/Harp/Organ scoring of the Gounod Requiem in C? My research indicates that the only version available for sale is the full orchestration. Sources indicate that the smaller "chamber" version was published by Choudons in the 1890s. I have not found any library that has this scoring listed among their holdings. Any assistance in locating this would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Gounod Requiem in C

Post by choralia » 20 Sep 2012 08:38

If you use "Gounod Requiem Choudens" as keywords, Worldcat reports 21 results. However, all of them appear related either to vocal scores with keyboard reduction, or to the full orchestral score.

The on-line search tool of Italian libraries reports this title:
Gounod, Charles: Benedictus à deux voix égales avec accomp.t de Violon, Violoncelle, Harpe et Orgue extrait du Requiem. Oeuvre posthume / Transcrit par Henri Büssen; partition et parties; Choudens, 2nd half of 1800; transcription for V1,V2,vl,vlc,harp,org; plate number 0000010026
Apparently this only includes the "Benedictus", but maybe it can be a trace to locate the other items, if existing somewhere (most likely in some French library, I guess). A copy of this score (Benedictus only) is supposed to be available at a library located in Pistoia, Tuscany.


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Re: Gounod Requiem in C

Post by Claude_T » 25 Sep 2012 09:01

A recent re-edition of an old piano-and-vocal score shows an email address:
worth a try.

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