Keyboard for note input on Sibelius

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Keyboard for note input on Sibelius

Postby bobnotts » 05 Nov 2017 10:39

Hi guys. Looking for a bit of advice...

I'm trying to get back into typesetting music but one of the biggest reasons for me losing interest in this in the past has been the repetitive nature of note entry. I remember at school (a little while ago!) having musical keyboards attached to the computers so that when one played on the keyboard, Sibelius would translate those key presses into notes on screen. It would even provide a metronome beat so that you could enter rhythms as well as the pitches of notes. I've Googled keyboards and found a few which I think could work but I'm not sure what would be compatible with Sibelius and what I should really pay for.

In short, my needs are:
- compatible with Sibelius 7 so that I can key in notes in time
- connect to computer by USB or similar
- have a couple of octaves but be quite compact (certainly not a full sized keyboard)
- have a speaker or two for times when I'm not typesetting music and want to "note bash" to learn some music myself instead
- not have a load of unnecessary options including loads of instruments it can imitate etc.

Hope that makes sense, would very much appreciate any and all advice!


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Re: Keyboard for note input on Sibelius

Postby carlos » 13 Nov 2017 17:34

Hi Rob

What you need is a MIDI keyboard, i.e., a keyboard with a MIDI interface. Older keyboards used a MIDI cable, that has been replaced with USB cables or even Bluetooth on recent models. All major music typeset softwares are compatible with the MIDI standard.

I use an old Yahama PSR220 that has MIDI interface. I suppose it's not difficult to find newer models that also have such interface. If you search for "MIDI Controlers" you'll find lots of models in a wide price range:

Just have in mind that a controller, differently from a keyboard, is usually just an input device, with no speakers.

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