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music printing service and other services

Posted: 28 Mar 2015 02:22
by vaarky
In case others are interested, I wanted to post about the nice experience our chorus had recently with BCP Music Publishing ( We provided the electronic files and they shipped us a box (quickly!) with lovely sheet music scores for us. The work is done by someone familiar with how singers use music (versus when we took things to the local Kinko's or other photocopy shop). And I like the idea of supporting a more local business that supports composers.

We got ours saddle-stapled, but they can also provide hole-punched versions and possibly other formats. Other BCP Music services apparently include editing and proofing, engraving, extracting parts, etc.

The organization is run by composer Noah Luna (our chorus had previously premiered one of his choral works at a competition, and we chose to reprise it a few years later during our 10-year anniversary season where we picked audience Favorites--we ask our audience to vote on their Favorite for each concert set). (The printing did not involve any CPDL music since we did not sing any this time around, though we have in other seasons; when singing music by living composers, we usually get the scores provided to us by the composers themselves. But the service would work similarly well for scores from CPDL.)

Re: music printing service and other services

Posted: 12 Jan 2019 10:52
by harry26

Which location your company situated? because I live in California city & I like to do music composing then I printed in books for distributing demand, please send your company details which I will give you my music printing work & send your previous printing images photos.
Thanks in Advance...

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Re: music printing service and other services

Posted: 13 Jan 2019 07:22
by vaarky
We used the following for our music printing:

They are based in San Jose, California, but shipped the stuff they printed for us (I can't remember whether they used USPS priority mail or used FedEx.