Classical Sheet Music

ONLY forum where announcements promoting COMMERCIAL choral music related websites and services are permitted
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Classical Sheet Music

Postby jisantangelo » 09 Jun 2009 22:59

At Notescopemusic, we have professional arrangements, and classical sheet music for different instruments and abilities. Give us a call at (646) 249-4382.

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Re: Classical Sheet Music

Postby vaarky » 10 Jun 2009 00:51

For free?

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Re: Classical Sheet Music

Postby choirnerd » 21 Jun 2009 20:04

vaarky wrote:For free?

LOL of course not for free. They are just advertising, I believe.

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Re: Classical Sheet Music

Postby vaarky » 21 Jun 2009 20:10

Yes, my question was a slightly pointed one, since posting ads for commercial services isn't what this forum is about, esp. if where the person isn't introducing himself and engaging in any other discussion. The admins subsequently talked about it and created a separate area for ads and other promotional postings.

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Re: Classical Sheet Music

Postby bobnotts » 21 Jun 2009 20:32

I've just moved this thread to this forum, where I believe it was agreed these sorts of commercial posts should be posted.

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Re: Classical Sheet Music

Postby CHGiffen » 21 Jun 2009 21:09

From the announcement at the head of this forum.
Promotional posts in other forums and promotional posts in this forum which are off-topic will simply be deleted without comment or warning.

I'm not sure where the advert was moved from, but perhaps a version of this annoucement should be placed elsewhere, as well - maybe in "Other topics" forum of "CPDL discussions"? I'd like to see a zero-tolerance policy on adverts being posted anywhere else.

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