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Fauré Requiem copyright

Posted: 20 Jun 2017 08:40
by choralgreg
I cannot find a way to contact Philip Legge directly, so I hope that someone will call this post to his attention. I am an American working in France, and I would like to commemorate the end of World War One with a performance of the Fauré Requiem by three of my choirs and an amateur orchestra. The event will be on a shoestring, so I hoped to use Philipe Legge's edition of the Fauré Requiem which he posted on CPDL. By my reading of the CPDL copyright notices, we can use Mr. Legge's edition freely, but the director of our orchestra insists that we cannot use it without his permission, and that we have to pay some French organisation called IMSLP even if we do get Mr. Legge's permission.

The concert will raise money for charities yet to be selected. I will be paid for the rehearsals, but no one will be paid for the performances. The performances are scheduled for June 16, June 17, and November 11, 2018. Thank you for your attention.

Greg Johnson

Re: Fauré Requiem copyright

Posted: 21 Jun 2017 04:26
by carlos
Hi Greg,

Have you tried to contact him through the email informed at his Editor page?

e-mail: philip.m.legge AT

If you are already registered at, you may also try sending him an email via the internal message system: ... ilUser/Pml

Please let us know if you get a reply from him.

Re: Fauré Requiem copyright

Posted: 21 Jun 2017 13:16
by choralia
Philip Legge also published his edition of the Fauré Requiem on IMSLP, and he provided details about the copyright policy, see: ... C_Gabriel)
Reconstruction of Fauré’s 1888 and 1893 versions, edited from the original (1900) full score published by J. Hamelle, with additions by Philip Legge.
Please see Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives 2.5 Australia for precise copyright terms. This full score is provided for private study; you must apply to the editor for orchestral parts to perform this edition with orchestra. (The organ/vocal score at CPDL may be freely performed and recorded, either “as is” with other editions, or with the provided organ accompaniment.)
Philip Legge is an IMSLP user, so he may also be contacted via the IMSLP wiki:
choralgreg wrote:we have to pay some French organisation called IMSLP even if we do get Mr. Legge's permission
You probably meant SACEM, or a similar French organization managing the collection of copyright fees. IMSLP is similar to CPDL, i.e., a website distributing free sheet music, recordings, and so on, it is not involved in the collection of royalties for performance etc. .

This is a tricky subject because organizations collecting copyright fees sometimes attempt to also collect royalties from events where they have no rights to do so. I'd suggest you to obtain a written permission from Philip Legge, and show it to SACEM people if requested.


Re: Fauré Requiem copyright

Posted: 05 Jul 2017 07:19
by choralgreg
Thank you very much!