Lotti "Gloria in Excelsis" (C, 12/8)

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Lotti "Gloria in Excelsis" (C, 12/8)

Post by christojb » 02 Sep 2012 20:28

I have been unsuccessful finding this piece and wondered if anyone has already arranged it/uploaded it. I would imagine it is somewhere already as a PDF, but ???

Thank you,
Christopher Borges

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Re: Lotti "Gloria in Excelsis" (C, 12/8)

Post by Cdalitz » 09 Sep 2012 08:03

Dear Christopher,

maybe you already know this, but here is an instruction how you can help yourself in case of manuscript sources (there is also a catalog of printed sources, but that is difficult to access, becasue you have to travel to a library that has a copy of the RISM catalog):
  1. Go to the RISM online database and enter your query:
    A search for "Lotti Gloria" yields 114 hits. Pick the one you are looking for and write down the library ("Bibliothek") and the shelf number ("Siegel").
  2. Find the contact information of the library through a web search and write them an email how to obtain a copy and what it costs.
  3. Order a copy.
This way, you obtian the original source. In case you make a modern edtion therefrom, it would be kind to uplaod it to CPDL to save others interested in the same piece of music.

Hope this helps, Chris

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