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Post by richman » 19 Aug 2011 16:18

Can someone please help me to get these two songs, O clap you hands (anthem) by E. Greenwood and How excellent by W.J.X or so, i need the choral with organ part of it. Thanks in anticipation

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Post by MandyShaw » 21 Aug 2011 07:39

Hi, I have had a look around and can't identify these pieces easily I'm afraid.
I have googled Greenwood and looked him/her up in my (admittedly ancient) Grove and I can't identify him/her at all.
There is a setting of 'O clap your hands' by Maurice Greene, it couldn't be that one could it? See ... choir.html
Is the other one the Handel setting from 'Saul'? See ... me/3523154
If none of this helps, please provide some more information, e.g. in what sort of context did you come across these pieces, any web links you have, etc.

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