Approximate dates

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Approximate dates

Postby Richard Mix » 03 Feb 2019 08:09

I wonder how could be differently organized: There are an awful lot of empty 14c categories, and I'm pretty sure if it were a bar graph we'd see a lot of bumps around years ending in 0 or 5. On the one hand I like to leave categories that afford an excuse to commemorate an anniversary (D-M birthdays are useful too!), but on the other I feel strongly that we should not be spreading misleading information. A parallel bunch of categories c. 1300, c. 1301, c. 1302 &c would be even more cumbersome to browse, though.

Would it be feasible to display, for example, persons by birth year as a list N (Y) with the output:

Josquin des Prez (c. 1450) [well, still a lot of controversy, but…]
Walter Lambe (c. 1450)
Jacob Obrecht (c. 1450) [ignoring for the moment that the 1450 category is quite wide of the mark]
Matthaeus Pipelare (c. 1450)
Bertrandus Vaqueras (c. 1450)
Franchino Gaffurio (1451)
Walter Lambe (c. 1451) [relisting resulting from a double categorization]
Pierre de la Rue (c. 1452)
Girolamo Savonarola (1452)
& so forth,

or else with uncertain dates italicized [Edit: I'd forgotten the discussion page and the existence of]

Josquin des Prez
Walter Lambe
Jacob Obrecht
Matthaeus Pipelare
Bertrandus Vaqueras

Franchino Gaffurio
Pierre de la Rue
Girolamo Savonarola

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