automation: SortWorks & NoWorks

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Richard Mix
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automation: SortWorks & NoWorks

Postby Richard Mix » 22 Oct 2016 09:32

I find myself wondering if there isn't a way to have a single template do the work of


both(!) of which I found present on

Could Born: and Died: templates also replace [[Category:unknown Births &c?

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Re: automation: SortWorks & NoWorks

Postby carlos » 22 Oct 2016 15:39

Richard Mix wrote:Could Born: and Died: templates also replace [[Category:unknown Births &c?

Hi Richard. Regarding your suggestion above, I was thinking of a broader solution: a Biographic template that would encompass all personal data and make the proper categorizations. In fact such template already exists, in two flavours:

But as Max started creating parser functions (such as {{#SortWorks:}}), I suggested to him the creation of a parser function similar to the templates above:

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