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Cuckoos in the nest

Posted: 02 Jun 2020 17:36
by cjshawcj
I am having trouble effecting works links on two pages: the feature that they have in common is a composer other than the main contributor to the work
viz. Works page for Sacrae cantiones (Raffaella Alleotti) where item 18 is by Ercole Pasquini, and works page for Sacro Sanctae Dei laudes (Giovanni Matteo Asola) where item 18 is by Paolo Bozzi.
I can't seem to create working links between the works page and the page for the piece attributed to the correct composer.
Nor can I effect a correct link (back) between the "published" detail on the piece page and the "Works at CPDL" listing on the work page.

Re: Cuckoos in the nest

Posted: 04 Jun 2020 09:07
by Claude_T
1. About ... a_Aleotti), links from work to publication page, and back, work already, isn't it?
Don't you agree that pieces 6 and 18 were composed by Ercole Pasquini, as stated at Bibliothèque nationale?
BTW, I've added "SATB.SATB" to the voicing, meaning that it isn't sung by a SSAATTBB unique choir, but by two choirs (cori spezzati).

2. I've corrected the link from the work to the publication page at ... olo_Bozzi) and back.
BTW, I've added "SSAAT.AATBB" to the voicing, meaning that it isn't sung by a SSAATTBB unique choir, but by two choirs (cori spezzati).
Would you do it yourself from now on, or should I continue doing it for you during all the rest of my life? ;-)

Re: Cuckoos in the nest

Posted: 13 Jun 2020 18:33
by cjshawcj
1. I agree about the Pasquini com positions. I have created a composer page for him, which has enabled me to move the piece to the correct attribution. Links now work.

2. The reverse link does not work on the publication page ... teo_Asola), in that it does not display a table of works at CPDL but a non-operational wkik code.

I believe that the subdivision of forces to shew multi-choir items is excessive and unnecessary. Punters wish quickly to browse the headline forces, not the less important, and sometimes arbitrary subdivisions. Therefore I shall have no party in posting these specious subdivisions to CPDL, although you are of course entirely at liberty to apply them.

Re: Cuckoos in the nest

Posted: 14 Jun 2020 12:54
by BarryJ
About no. 2:
{{NoCo|… can only be used in the {{Pub}} template when all of the works in the publication are by the same composer. Since there is one different composer in the publication, {{MultiPubList}} shows an odd result. I changed a few works pages so you can see the results. (I will add a message to the code that explains this; it will take several days.)
Also, {{MultiPubList}} won't show {{Multivoicing}}, just {{Voicing}} (in the code, I must specify only one template). But the same results can be obtained with {{Voicing}} in many cases as I show with ... teo_Asola); feel free to change it back if you wish.